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STUTTERING: From Hopelessness to Recovery

By: DieudonneNsabimana


Rwanda - October, 2015 -The purpose of this feature story is to shed a light on the challenges that Africans children who stutter should face and to give some insight about our efforts for positive change. It is a way of breaking the silence and an appeal to act for change.


Imagine a world where every child who stutters matters.


Imagine Africa where any child who stutters could travel through the pages of a booklet on stuttering.


Imagine African school libraries equipped with booklets on stuttering for teachers and children.


Imagine how we could make this happen and make a difference!



AFRICAN STUTTERING RESEARCH CENTRE,  a non profit organization, which is based in Rwanda, and led by me,Dieudonne Nsabimana. (I am a person who stutters). We have translated from English to Swahili language, booklets on stuttering from the Stuttering Foundation. The booklets are on print form and freely distributed to better equip the school libraries. Eric, a young person who stutters, said "Having lost hope for any assistance, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel with such booklets on stuttering"




Life of a person who stutters is always a struggle, but the life of an African child who stutters is even harder and a struggle that is beyond imagination and yet, most of the world ignore this.
Imagine, growing up in a world where you lack the very basics of life. Beyond that, in most African countries, there is a lack of speech therapy services. And most African schools don’t have internet. They cannot therefore access to online resources available on stuttering.

The teachers, students and parents are in a total blackout as far as the problems are concerned. One can only imagine the confusion, fear, anger, frustration involved. Thus, Children who stutter would prefer to abandon school, because of the teasing from their teachers and classmates.

To find a solution, we have translated booklets on stuttering into Swahili, a most widely spoken African language, and we would like to equip school libraries with these booklets. We also train teachers about stuttering and give them the brochures of our translations.

Our purpose is to help children and teachers to have access to materials available for them, thus helping them to develop knowledge about stuttering and to learn to help each other.
Furthermore, teachers will acquire the necessary skills to better assist, in the classroom, students who stutter. The booklets and brochures of our translation into Swahili reach 120 million people and bring information into areas where there has been no access before.


The African Children who stutter are amongst the voiceless of the world, and they need others to speak on their behalf. The reality is that you and I can make a difference in the lives of African children who stutter and we need your help to spread the word:



We greatly appreciate community support and the generosity of individuals to help us Reach Our Goal of Raising $9,600 to print 6.000 Booklets.
Our objective is to distribute the Booklets in 100 primary school libraries, with 60 Booklets per school. One school having approximately 700 students and 15 teachers.


Generous people can contribute any amount he/she can; no amount is too small.

Even with $2 we can print and distribute one Booklet. With $10 we can print and distribute 6 Booklets. With $ 100, we can print and distribute 60 Booklets. With $ 1000, we can print and distribute 600 Booklets.etc...


 Thank you for your time and don't forget to support our efforts!


For any inquiries, we welcome an email from you at:


Or you can use this contact form:

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